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Chemical fertilizer



Large-grain urea




【Product form】Grain

【Product indicators】Total nitrogen ≥46.4%, biuret ≤0.9%, (2.00mm-4.75mm) ≥93%

【Product standard】GB2440-2001


Product characteristics

1.With nitrogen content above 46%, urea has the highest nitrogen content in the solid nitrogen fertilizers.

2. It is easily soluble in water, and has relatively stable physical and chemical properties before applied to soil and has relatively small moisture absorption, being a rapid-effect nitrogen fertilizer with stable commodity shape.

3. As a neutral fertilizer, urea is widely applicable for various soil sand crops and when applied for a long time, it will not damage the soil, and when the nitrogen is absorbed, the remaining carbonate still can promote other elements not easily soluble in water to dissolve, becoming an effective component.

4. Compared with ammonium nitrogen fertilizer, it has a relative slow fertilizer effect, so the urea should be applied in advance as the top-dressing fertilizer.

5. Unlike the small and medium-grain ureas, the large-grain urea is more stable in quality, has higher strength and high fertilizer utilization. It can be mixed with phosphatic fertilizer and potassic fertilizer, and is applicable to the soil testing and formulated fertilization in each area, and also can be covered on various coating (such as sulfur coating and resin coating) as the slow release fertilizer.

Scope of application

It applies to all crops and soils and can be used as base fertilizer and top-dressing fertilizer, and can be applied in both the dry land and paddy field.

Method of application

The large-grain urea has long fertilizer effect and it should be applied 3-5 days earlier than the ordinary ureas. When the large-grain urea is used as the base fertilizer, in case of dry land, it should be applied before plowing, and during plowing, the urea should be buried deeply in the soil and if it is applied with farmyard manure, the effect will be better; in case of paddy field, the urea can be applied with farmyard manure before farming, and then it is required to plough the field, and fill water 2-3 days later, and in case of water in the paddy field, after application of urea, the water may not be discharged in case of reduction of fertilizer effect. When used as the top-dressing fertilizer, the large-grain urea is better to be applied in the form of row application or hole application and broadcast application should be avoided as far as possible. If row application or hole application is impossible, it is better to apply it in the form of broadcast application when the soil is moist after light rain. When used as striking root fertilizer, it should not be applied too much, and when used as fertilizer for tillering and earing fertilizer, it should be applied sufficiently. When used as the foliage top-dressing fertilizer, it also can increase the productivity. The large-grain urea is better to be used as applied in the form of foliage dressing, with concentration of 0.5%-2% generally. When the urea is applied in the form of foliage dressing, be sure to note that the content of the minor component biuret must be less than 0.5%/