Glacial acetic acid

【Category】Acetic acid

【Product form】Liquid

【Product standard】GB/T 676-2007



      It can be solved in such organic solvents as water, ethyl alcohol, diethyl ether, carbon tetrachloride and glycerol. After dilution, it has a strong corrosion to metal. It is inflammable, and its vapor can form explosive mixture after mixing with air. It can cause burning and explosion in case of open fire and high heat.

Main purpose

      It is used to manufacture acetate, cellulose acetate, medicine, pigment, esters, plastic and perfume etc.

Package, storage and transportation

      It is packed with small-opening aluminum barrel;  ordinary wooden case or half-lattice wooden case outside glass bottle or plastic barrel (tank); glass stopper bottle, or ordinary wooden case outside threaded glass bottle; threaded glass bottle, iron cover impressed notch glass bottle, plastic bottle or ordinary wooden case outside metal barrel (tank); threaded glass bottle, plastic bottle or  full-floor lattice  case outside tinned thin steel plate barrel (tank), fiberboard case or plywood case. During transportation, ensure that the container will not have leakage, not collapse, fall and be damaged. The lorry (tanker) used for the transportation shall be equipped with grounding chain and clapboard can be set in the lorry to reduce the static electricity caused by vibration. It is prohibited to mix with oxidant, alkaline and edible chemicals. During transportation by road, it is required to travel according to the route specified and not stay in the residential area or populated area.  In winter, it is required to keep a temperature higher than 16, in case of freezing.

Indicator of superior products

Chromaticity/Hazen unit (platinum-cobalt color number) ≤10

Acetic acid mass friction ≥99.8%

Water mass friction ≤0.15

Formic acid mass friction ≤0.05

Acetaldehyde mass friction ≤0.03

Mass friction of residue on evaporation≤0.01

Iron mass friction (by Fe)% ≤0.00004

Potassium permanganate-reducing material,  min ≥30