Adipic acid

Adipic acid

【Category】Adipic acid

【Specification】500KG and 1000KG

【Product form】White crystal

【Product standard】SH/T 1499.1-2012



     Density (g/mL,25/4): 1.366.  Relative density(20, 4): 1.099153. Melting point (): 153. Boiling point (, 101kpa): 332.7. Solubility: easy to be soluble in ethyl alcohol and acetone. It is slightly soluble in ether, relatively soluble in water and is not soluble in benzene and petroleum ether.

Main purpose

     It is one of the raw materials to manufacture polyamide, and also can be used to manufacture plasticizer and lubricant.

Package, storage and transportation

     It should be stored in a cool and ventilated warehouse. It should be away from kindling material and heat source. Prevent direct sunshine exposure and keep the container sealed. It should be separated from the oxidant and alkaline for storage. During transportation, handle with care to prevent the package and container damaging.

Indicator of superior products

Appearance: white crystal powder

Adipic acid %(m/m)≥99.7 %

Melting point, ≥151.5

Moisture %(m/m)≤0.20

Ash content mg/kg ≤7

Iron content mg/kg ≤1.0

Nitric acid mg/kg ≤10.0